Job Description

Consultant leadership and management of corporate change initiatives in Lean Six Sigma, Lean training, workshop and facilitation and other support programs that will effectively prepare client staff to perform optimally

Able to cover at least 3 types of statistic:

Descriptive Statistic
Inferential Statistic
Design Of Experiment (DOE)

Deliver Lean Six Sigma training, consultation, and facilitation that are both technically appropriate and implementable with client environment. Aligned leadership development and usage of KCM (KAIZEN Change Management) Strategy models. Facilitate meeting with BDE at client site in solving problems from Strategic Operations level.

Able to highlights, communicate, develop business, and growth strategies tactics with senior management.

Successfully maintain high level client relationships and meeting/exceeding client expectations. Identify and develop value-added service opportunities.

Day to day job responsibilities:

1. Lead Instruction and coaching
2. Provide coaching and mentoring to client
3. Deliver Lean Six Sigma training, workshop and other improvement tools.

Job Requirements

Candidate must possess at least Bachelor’s Degree/Professional Degree in any field.
Required languages : English, Malay
At least 5 Year(s) of working experience in Lean Six Sigma and other improvement tools.
Have complete at 3 Lean Six Sigma projects
Preferably Senior Executive specialized in Lean Six Sigma, training & development or equivalent.

Please set your dates for Interview session before walk-in
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